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King Size Mattress Dimensions in the UK

King Size Mattress Dimensions in the UK

In the UK, the most widely sold mattress sizes include the 3'0" x 6'3" standard single mattress, 4'6" x 6'3" standard double mattress and king size mattresses, which measure 5'0" x 6'6" or 150cm x 200cm.

King Size Mattress Benefits

There are several reasons people decide to buy a larger bed, the most prominent being they are better for a tall or wide person. But you do not have to be over 6ft or on the heavy side to appreciate the extra inches that provide a satisfying night's sleep. If your room is spacious enough for a king-size bed, you will find even as a smaller person, sleeping on a large mattress has several benefits over the standard double size.

While big enough for two average-sized adults, you might find yourself waking up during the night if your partner moves when sleeping in a standard UK double bed together. This is one of the most common causes of sleep deprivation, which leads to mood swings, tiredness, irritability, and difficulty focusing and remembering, amongst other symptoms.

Even if your other half is not a particularly restless sleeper, the average person turns around 65 times a night, so it is essential your bed is wide enough for two people to sleep together without disturbing the other.

With a king-size bed, you are much less likely to disrupt one another. Ideally, a bed size should allow two people to lie side by side, with their arms behind their heads and elbows out, without touching.

People recovering from an injury will also find a king-sized mattress's extra space immensely helpful, with more room to stretch or lie flat on their backs. Better rest will speed up recovery.

Other health benefits of a wider bed include enhanced lumbar support, more space to stretch out and get rid of cramping due to curling up and putting pressure on joints.

When it comes to practicality, a king size bed can create space for under-bed storage, as drawers can be incorporated into the bed's base. Having the extra drawers could mean you need one less item of furniture in the room, so you can free up floor space and make the room less cluttered.

Cost of a King Size Mattress

Some customers are put off buying a king-size bed because they think it will cost a lot more. But this is not the case; many of our mattresses only cost around £30 more if you decide to buy king size dimensions over a standard double mattress.

We will often spend as much as we can afford on the best possible holiday, car, TV, and mobile phone, but not so much on a bed. Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, spending a little more on a great mattress is a no-brainer.

UK Super King Size Bed Dimensions

If you are lucky enough to have adequate space in your room, you can also consider a super king-size mattress. The super king measures a whopping 6'0" x 6'6", or 180cm x 200cm, and offers all the above benefits multiplied.

Once you have experienced a super king mattress, you will never want to return to being standard double sleepers!