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What Is The Best Full Size Mattress

What Is The Best Full Size Mattress

There are four main types of mattresses to choose from and they are memory foam, pocket sprung, latex, open coil/continuous coil, so to find the right full-size mattress for you can be an exceedingly difficult challenge due to the multitude of mattresses to choose from.

So to help you out we have listed some advice to help you decide what will be the right mattress for you and we take a look at what you should be looking out for when purchasing the right kind of mattress. Not all mattresses are the same as the different varieties of mattress will go through different manufacturing processes and of course cost different amounts. So remember that price isn't everything, as ultimately it is what you as an individual find the most comfortable.

Firstly What Type Of Mattress Should You Get?

First up is the pocket sprung mattress. This mattress provides a good and individual support. It is an ideal mattress if you sleep in the same bed as someone who is not quite the same statue as you. The individual pocket springs stop you rolling or bumping into each other during the night. They come in a variety of different spring gages and tensions

The foam layer mattress is great at providing additional support relief especially if you suffer from a bad back, shoulders, knees or hips. The memory foam layered mattress responds to your body contours and shape thus providing a more comfortable night’s sleep. The deeper the memory foam the more support is given to your joints.

The Continuous coil and open coil spring mattresses These mattresses tend to be on the cheaper side compared to other mattresses. Because the springs move as one unit with a continuous coil or open coil spring mattress, the likelihood of you being disturbed by your partner mov

Finally, we have the upmarket and more expensive Latex mattresses. Latex is a less common type of mattress and is made up of various layers of springy latex. These mattresses tend to be more expensive than your average mattress but apparently manufacturers claim that they are more resilient and are more able to keep their shape. Warning:  they do not come cheap

You could use a mattress topper. There are very many different types of mattress protectors. Essentially, they add an extra layer of padding to your existing bed. Mattress toppers can be made from memory foam or other materials. However, they can be pretty expensive almost as expensive as buying anew mattress and in most cases won’t give the support especially if you old mattress is a bit on the saggy side,

It’s All About The Firmness

It is well known that people of a heavier set should avoid mattresses that are too soft as these types of mattress won’t give the required support they may need. Whilst people of a lighter set should not get a mattress that is too firm as this can cause pain in the joints especially the hips and shoulders. But medium support suits most people and you can always add a topper if your mattress requires firming or softening up.

Size Really Does Matter

Before you decide to buy your new mattress always check that your bed frame is the right size for your mattress, you won’t believe how many people do not check! So do check the internal dimensions of your bedframe before you buy the mattress so it can be able to fit inside it. You will also need a small amount of space around the mattress so you can tuck in sheets and blankets, but you don’t want the gaps to be too big as this can cause the mattress to move around during the night.  

So to summarise if you go with a foam mattress these are usually on the softer side and are best for supporting your body contour and shape. Therefore, they are often considered to be more comfortable than the spring mattress but you can get hot during the night. But unlike the spring mattress they offer less support but the newer forms of foam mattress can also be quite supportive. The positive side of using a spring mattress is that they provide good individual support and are made from natural materials that allow for good air flow and they also reduce sweat during sleep.