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What Is The Best Type Of Mattress to Sleep On?

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress to Sleep On?

When it comes to buying a mattress there are a multitude to choose from and it can be rather overwhelming to find the right mattress for you with the multitude of options you can choose from. There are many factors involved and below we break it down for you and hopefully find the perfect new mattress for you

Mattress Firmness

  • Soft: For the side sleeper or those who have a habit of changing positions frequently during the night.
  • Medium soft: Ideal for the changing position sleeper as it will still mould to your body position but provide a little more support.
  • Medium firm: Ideal for the back sleeper as they will require extra lower-back support
  • Firm: Ideal for the front sleeper or the more heavyset person or those who suffer from back pain.

Types of Mattress

Open Spring Mattress

Otherwise known as the open coil or the continuous coil mattresses. These contain one long piece of metal wire coiled into numerous springs. There is also an additional border rod or wire to maintain shape and provide structure. It’s a great value for money option, although sides are machine-stitched rather than hand-stitched, but they are lighter than other models, making them easy to turn. They tend to be less supportive than other mattresses too, so are most suited to guest bedrooms or as children’s beds, where they are used occasionally or will need to be replaced regularly anyway.

Pocket Spring Mattress

This type of mattress is more luxurious than its open spring mattress cousin. It is made from individual, smaller springs housed in their very own pocket of fabric. This means each spring moves independently from the others, providing more support than the open spring mattress. You can buy either soft, medium or firmer versions, depending on your preference, and you are less likely to get too hot at night. These are pretty heavy and can be filled with materials that can set off allergies. This is a good option if you’re looking for a bed for two people, as the separate springs will cater for your different needs and weights, while they will also minimise the risk of you rolling towards your partner in the middle of the night.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a mouldable material that also responds to your temperature and weight, and is relatively unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. Basically it moulds to your body shape, absorbs your weight and relieves pressure on your joints. This isn’t suited to everyone and the mattress can get rather warm at night, but it is ideal for those who need back support or suffer from back pain as it will maintain posture and align your spine horizontally when sleeping on your side.


The latex mattress and you’ve guessed it, is filled with latex foam, which is an exceptional breathable material, so no chance of overheating at night. It’s also extremely durable and should last you for many a year. And it’s an extremely good option for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. They can feel a bit solid at first though, so they are probably better suited to those who prefer a firm bed. Usually heavy, latex mattresses can be a bit difficult to turn and cheaper versions can develop lumps and the odd dent over time.

 So hopefully we’ve made choosing the right mattress a lot easier for you and there’s a world of mattresses to choose from with us