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Why Are Hotel Beds Comfortable?

Why Are Hotel Beds Comfortable?

Just why are hotel beds comfortable and how do they make their beds so comfy?

Hotel chains worked out a very long time ago that beds would be a major factor when people choose to stay at one of their hotels, so they began to work closely with mattress manufacturers to get the perfect beds, mattresses and bedding to give their customers the most comfortable sleep possible.  And this is how they did it and continue to do so


Yes, you read that correctly. Hotels and hotel chains put in a tremendous amount of research to get the perfect bed for you to sleep in. Some hotels have been known to spend over a year researching for the perfect bed, as at the end of the day they want you to come back or recommend their hotel to future customers so they want you to have the most comfortable and relaxing sleep possible.

Special Beds For Hotels

Most hotels must follow specific rules and regulations regarding beds, which means they have beds made for them in a special way, so they are not the same as the bed you would have at home. Most of the world’s hotels and hotel chains have beds and mattresses made specifically for them. They tend to invest a large amount of money on quality beds and mattresses to ensure that their guests have the most comfortable sleep possible.

Mattress Toppers And Protectors

Many hotels will use a feather or memory foam mattress topper to increase the comfort of their beds whilst also protecting the mattress at the same time. Hotels tend to opt for a topper which is either feather or memory foam adding that extra sense of comfort. We’ll let you into a secret hotel mattress toppers and protectors tend to be a bit wider and longer compared to the ones that you may use at home.

The Mattress

When people book into a hotel room, they do so manly with the idea of getting a good’s night sleep. So most hotels will usually have hybrid mattresses or a combination of latex and memory foam or some just use memory foam mattresses, to provide the most comfortable mattress for that good night’s sleep.

Pillow Talk

It’s not just about the mattress that makes a hotel bed so comfortable it’s also about the sheets and the pillows. Hotels will use high thread count sheets and pillows and layers of duvets and in some cases a multitude of pillows to choose from. The mattress is more than likely to be topped with a pad that will soften things up from a tiny amount to rather a lot, depending on the thickness of the mattress. It’s cheaper for a hotel to replace a topper and a duvet and the sheets than it is for them to replace the mattress and the bedframe so you are more than likely to get new and softer sheets and toppers than you would if you were at home.


Hotels always rotate their bedding and linens out more often than they probably do their  customers. Whereas many consumers tend to hang on to their mattress for about 20–30 years, a good hotel will probably change their mattresses for new ones about every for 5 years, depending on the wear and tear. The mattress companies are always pushing for consumers to change their mattresses like hotels every 5 years or so rather than hanging on to them until there is no other choice.